Thursday, April 16, 2015

SOZO Global Acquires Exclusivity to a New Ingredient Technology Xanthohumol

SOZO Global Acquires Exclusivity to a New Ingredient Technology
SOZO Gives Entrepreneurs the Opportunity to Build a Global Business with a Clinically Studied and Patented Ingredient

AUSTIN, TX, APRIL 14, 2015 — SOZO Global, Inc., an entrepreneurial direct selling company headquartered in Austin, Texas acquires the exclusive global rights to distribute the Meridium® product from Bioactives Inc. within the direct selling industry.
SOZO is a healthy products company that is a curator of best-in-class nutritional technologies. Since its inception it has cultivated ingredients to formulate products grounded in science with powerful health-protective properties to help you live a fuller, more youthful life. The next addition to the global product line of SOZO is a 100% natural ingredient that has been clinically shown to have multiple health benefits – Lucedin™ xanthohumol.

Just like SOZO went to the source of the coffee fruit to get CoffeeBerry® extract, SOZO goes inside of a humulus lupulus plant to extract the xanthohumol ingredient. This ingredient works at the genetic level to support metabolism and overall health. Its cellular protective effects make it an excellent addition to the nutritional products vertical of the SOZO line. Xanthohumol which is sometimes called the “GOLDEN ELIXIR” has been shown through numerous clinical studies to be effective in the form of a liquid that can be absorbed. The liquid can be added to water, or any beverage you consume every day, to make it a nutritional powerhouse. It acts at the molecular and genetic level to lower metabolic stress and helps promote a calm and relaxed mood, clarity and focus. More than 200 scientific studies are related to this ingredient.

Meridium uses an exclusive Aquasol™ technology which allows this ingredient to be added to water and become soluble, unlocking its power. This allows it to get into the body’s cells and organs for maximum benefit. It even has the benefit of supporting good oral health without effecting beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

“This is the first of many new technology platforms that the company will acquire,” Mark Adams, CEO and co-founder of SOZO commented. “The active botanical compound found in xanthohumol, boosts the genes associated with oxytocin, the feel good neurohormone associated with happiness and balance, skin health, cardiovascular health and general well-being. This discovery is so important that it’s the subject of a new patent. The market opportunity is huge, in particular as we expand into Asia.”

All SOZO products are of the highest quality, with clinically studied ingredients. The nutritional beverage was the subject of a clinical study to demonstrate its efficacy. SOZO has top leadership in its management team. Mark Adams, CEO, was named the 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. SOZO is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SOZO Instant Repair Gel Way Better Than Juenesse Instantly Ageless

Juenesse Instantly Ageless, when compared to SOZO Instant Repair Gel, is a terrible product. It's gritty, leaves a bad white residue when it dries and quite frankly doesn't smell nice either. SOZO Instant Repair Gel on the other hand is clear, goes on super clean and smooth and has no smell. More importantly, it works way better, faster and lasts MUCH longer.  Most importantly, SOZO Instant Repair Gel contains CoffeeBerry, the most potent fruit ever discovered in terms of antioxidants.  This makes it more than a cosmetic as you are actually nourishing your skin, not just tightening fine lines, bags and wrinkles.

Sure, Instantly Ageless will pull a bag in really nicely, but give it about 10 minutes and see how you like it once it turns your skin white as a ghost.  It's extremely drying and they will tell you it lasts about 4 hours.  SOZO Instant Repair Gel is so powerful it actually leaves Botox in the dust (without the needle or side effects) with some users having results that lasts way over 12 hours!

Take a look at this before/after picture, you can see exactly where the SOZO Instant Repair Gel was applied under this person's right eye and along the cheek. Compare it to the other side and you've witnessed 30 years of aging disappear in about 60 seconds.  

Need more proof? Check out some more before/after pictures and learn more about SOZO SoRadiant skincare line HERE

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Buy SOZO Instant Repair Gel Now! Better than Botox and No Needles!

Available Now!

In the matter of minutes SOZO Instant Repair Gel will drastically improve the appearance of aged skin.  Say goodbye to lines, bags, wrinkles and crows feet!  Get better results than you would achieve with a needle in an easy to use gel featuring the most powerful skincare ingredient ever discovered - CoffeeBerry®!
Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for products that promise minimal results after months of daily use of their expensive product?  SoRadiant Instant Repair Gel can prove to you it works in about a minute!  Effects will last all day or until you wash it off.  It isn't hard on your skin like other "instant" products - in fact it's very beneficial due to the CoffeeBerry®!
In short you'll instantly get the results that SOZO Anti-Aging Serum will provide over months of use.  Use the instant product for your instant gratification and the serum nightly to make those results stay forever!
These are REAL untouched photos of people testing out the product.  All the results occurred in under two minutes:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SOZO Introduces Instant Repair Gel - Good Bye Botox

SOZO GLOBAL, an Austin, TX based direct sales company has just released a powerful new product in their SoRadiant skincare line called "Instant Repair Gel."

Allan Duncan unveiling the new product
This gel is applied to lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles, etc. and in the matter of seconds begins releasing the imperfections. When finished drying over the period of a couple minutes the imperfections are literally gone before your eyes.  The days of before and after pictures will never be the same.  With this product the promised results can be proven right then and there.
"This will become the #1 selling product in network marketing history." says Allan Duncan, a Senior Marketing Director with the company. "I've been fortunate to have been the major product development tester and SOZO has truly put out a product that gives us an unfair advantage over the competition."

The Instant Repair Gel is SOZO's second product in their SoRadiant skincare line.  Last February they launched the their very successful Anti-Aging Serum which boasts the highest antioxidant score of anything on the market.  The before and after pictures from this product alone are extraordinary.

"Unfortunately there are a lot of skincare companies out there putting up fake before and after pictures." says Duncan.  "Because of this, it's been harder to promote the Anti-Aging serum because people simply don't believe anymore.  We have the solution however, with the Instant Repair Gel all doubts are erased.  When we tell people it retails for around $80 dollars their jaw really drops.  Other products promise inferior results over months of use and they cost $200 a bottle."

SOZO holds the marketing rights in the entire direct selling industry for CoffeeBerry.  The red fruit that surrounds the coffee bean is the highest antioxidant score of any fruit to date.  They have an entire product line wrapped around this unique ingredient, all of which have been clinically validated through third party analysis.

"People who join us now and get in on this opportunity today will have people looking at them in the next 5 years wishing they had been so lucky." Duncan proudly proclaims.  "For a few years now we've had a nutritional product that is hands down the best on the market but nobody has paid much attention due to all the junk out there.  This new product will give us the attention they deserve and ultimately lead people to our nutrition line who would have never known about it otherwise."

 If you're interested in wholesale pricing or distributor opportunities, use the become a distributor button or call SOZO Senior Marketing Director Allan Duncan at 512-660-SOZO or e-mail allanduncan at

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Steve Kelley on SOZO Thermogenic Weight Loss Fat Burning Coffee

You've heard Denver Radio Personality Steve Kelley talking about SOZO Thermogenic Coffee.  If you're here it's because you want to learn more!

 If you're interested in wholesale pricing or distributor opportunities, use the become a distributor button or call SOZO Senior Marketing Director Allan Duncan at 512-660-SOZO or e-mail allanduncan at

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CoffeeBerry Shown To Increase BDNF By 143%

Study Shows Coffee Fruit Extract Shows Brain Benefits

Get CoffeeBerry HERE
The polyphenol-rich coffee fruit extract was associated with increases in levels of of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in volunteers. BDNF is a member of a protein family that influences nerve growth. The protein is said to have an “important role in learning, memory and behavior”.
Declining levels of BDNF have also been linked to certain health conditions, like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s and dementia, so boosting levels could offer health benefits for consumers.
Scientists from Applied BioClinical, Inc. (Irvine, CA), FutureCeuticals, Inc. (Momence, IL), NutraClinical, Inc. (San Diego, CA) report that a coffee fruit extract may boost BDNF levels in healthy subjects by an average 143% with respect to baseline.
However, according to findings published in the British Journal of Nutrition , BDNF levels were unaffected by other nutraceutical interventions, including green coffee caffeine powder, grape seed extract powder, and green coffee bean extract powder.

The proprietary whole coffee fruit extract is commercialized by FutureCeuticals under the brand name NeuroFactor. FutureCeuticals funded the new pilot study.
Zbigniew Pietrzkowski, FutureCeuticals' V.P. of Research and Development told NutraIngredients-USA that the company is highly invested in BDNF.
"The most fascinating aspect of BDNF is its role in harmonizing the proper cooperation between our peripheral tissues, for example, muscles, and our brain. During exercise, muscles can release extra amounts of BDNF into the blood resulting in beneficial effects on brain function, awareness and mood. Studies have shown that blood levels of BDNF are reduced with aging and with depression. On the other hand, BDNF may be involved in regulation of metabolism by affecting appetite control and sleep in human brain.
"In addition to this newly published pilot study in the British Journal of Nutrition, we are completing a second, similar study using a larger study population. Results will be submitted for publication during the first quarter of 2013," he added.
"Concurrently, we are performing experimentation in order to verify how BDNF from blood may affect brain function. Based upon the results from both studies, FutureCeuticals will then activate clinical research on how our coffee fruit concentrate (NeuroFactor(tm)) may modulate specific clinical functions: cognitivity, appetite, muscle-mediated modulation of metabolism, neurodegenerative conditions, quality of sleep or neurodegeneration. Not surprisingly, our NeutrFactor(tm) coffee fruit extract and BDNF are major R&D initiatives for 2013 here at FutureCeuticals."
Study details
The new study involved 25 healthy subjects randomly assigned to one of five groups, and asked to consume a single 100 mg dose of each material.
Results showed that green coffee caffeine powder, grape seed extract powder, and green coffee bean extract powder all increased levels of BDNF by about 31%, but these results were not statistically significant.
The coffee fruit extract was associated with a 143 % (n 10), compared with baseline.
"The compounds tested in the present study had different concentrations of caffeine and polyphenols," explained the researchers. "It is important to note that the present results show the percentage of caffeine within each tested compound, rather than an absolute mass of caffeine. 
"Nevertheless, the present work suggests that procyanidins may have the ability to increase plasma BDNF levels and, perhaps, to a larger extent than caffeine itself."
“In order to confirm the results of the present pilot study, further clinical testing in a larger group is required,” they concluded.
Source: British Journal of Nutrition 
Published online ahead of print, FirstView Articles, doi: 10.1017/S0007114512005338
“Modulatory effect of coffee fruit extract on plasma levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in healthy subjects”
Authors: T. Reyes-Izquierdo, B. Nemzer, C. Shu, L. Huynh, R. Argumedo, R. Keller, Z. Pietrzkowski

Get CoffeeBerry here:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

People Seeing Tremendous Results from SOZO Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee

People are seeing fantastic results in weight-loss when they drink two cups of SOZO's new fat burning Thermogenic Coffee.  Two cups of this coffee per day will provide the exact same dosage of WellTrim iG that was used in a 10-week clinical study.  WellTrim iG is a patented extract of the African Mango Seed and the studies behind it are amazing.  On average, those who had a BMI of 26 or more lost 28 pounds and nearly 7 inches off their waist.

SOZO has created the most amazing and tasty delivery system possible - 100% gourmet coffee!  Simply drink one cup about a half hour before your two largest meals and odds are you will drop the weight.  David B. out of Fort Worth Texas says, "I started drinking the Thermogenic Coffee on February 5th.  Since then I've lost over 40 pounds by changing nothing but my coffee!"  It may sound too good to be true but you can't deny science.  See the clinical study here.

There is a tremendous business opportunity tied to this coffee for those who are interested. SOZO provides their distributors with access to some exclusive perks such as health, life, vision and dental insurance.  They also implemented a 401k program at the same time they introduced the Thermogenic Coffee.

All of SOZO's products contain the exclusive CoffeeBerry extract which is the highest antioxidant ever discovered in any fruit.  In the direct selling industry, SOZO is the only place you will ever find this amazing fruit that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries.

If you're interested in purchasing the Thermogenic Coffee or any of SOZO's other products, you may do so at - there you can either purchase it at retail pricing OR you can use the search feature and type in "Wholesale" and purchase a one-time $39 membership to gain wholesale pricing.

If you're interested in the business opportunity, visit or call 512-660-SOZO (7696)