Saturday, April 21, 2012

CoffeeBerry Clinical Proven Efficacy

CoffeeBerry® products have been extensively tested in clinical In-Vivo and cell biological In-Vitro studies to demonstrate its superior ability to defend and protect cells against oxidative stress and free radicals, the major cause of skin aging. More effective than green tea extract in all studies, it is not surprising that the clinical benefits in aging skin were dramatic and visible after only short periods of use.

ORAC: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity
The ORAC standard testing protocol was developed for the USDA to inform consumers about the antioxidant health benefits of major food sources. In the chart below, CoffeeBerry® extract, with a minimum ORAC value of 15,000 was considerably higher than all other fruits, vegetables and teas tested, in fact 3 times higher than any other food source; compare to teas (507 - 4796), fruits (104 - 5770), vegetables (150 - 1770).
PRIORI Skincare Coffeeberry
Inhibition of Erythema (Sunburn) Post UVB Exposure
UVB radiation (the damaging rays of sunlight that cause sunburn) causes damage to our skin, which can be measured as minimal erythema dose (MED) or the time to induce the first sign of redness in skin after UV exposure. Measured by FDA standard methods; CoffeeBerry® extract offered greater protection than equivalent concentrations of green tea against the damaging UVB rays of sunlight.
PRIORI Skincare Coffeeberry
Inhibition of Cell Damage Post UVA Exposure
Scientists now know that sunlight also contains damaging UVA radiation; and have linked long term exposure to this kind of radiation to premature skin aging and skin cancer! Laboratory cultured human skin cells exposed to UVA radiation causes damage to cells that can be measured by special staining techniques-the damaged cells appear bright orange fluorescent. CoffeeBerry® extract provided greater protection than green tea in all equivalent concentrations tested.
PRIORI Skincare Coffeeberry

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