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There is no better opportunity at creating an amazing residual income for yourself than with SoZo.  With exclusivity in the Direct Selling market on the world's most powerful fruit, patented CoffeeBerry, there is an opportunity for anyone with vision, dedication and the ability to believe in their dreams.  Whether you're looking for a side-income that will make you a couple hundred extra dollars a week, or a business that creates your retirement, SoZo is for you.

Rank with Benefits

Leadership RanksWeekly BinaryCheck MatchBenefitsCar BonusHomeLifestyle
Gold$12,0001 Gen Deep$500
Platinum$12,0002 Gen Deep$500
Sapphire$12,0003 Gen Deep$800
Ruby$12,0004 Gen Deep$1,000
Emerald$12,0005 Gen Deep$1,200
Diamond$15,0006 Gen Deep$1,500
Blue Diamond$18,0007 Gen Deep$1,800$2,000$2,000
Black Diamond$25,0007 Gen Deep$1,800$3,000$3,000
Presidential$35,0008 Gen Deep$1,800$4,000$7,000
Crown Ambassador$50,0008 Gen Deep$6,000$10,000

Income Disclaimer: Bonuses and Commissions listed are the maximum limits eligible for each rank shown and are based strictly on individual performance. SoZo® will never pay more than 50% of total weekly company wide sales volume into the commission plan structure. This 50% sales volume commission cap payout has been put into place to ensure the long-term viability of SoZo®. No commissions are paid for recruiting new Distributors. Commissions are only paid on the sale of products. A consumable product purchase is not required to become a SoZo® Distributor. SoZo® makes NO GUARANTEES of income and results depend solely on the efforts of each individual Distributor.
This document is designed to offer a HIGH LEVEL overview of the generous benefits offered by SoZo® to those individual Distributors who build a successful business and attain the leadership rank of Gold through Crown Ambassador. For a detailed overview on the sales volume and personal enrollment tree requirements to attain each leadership rank shown, please see SoZo® Wealth Plan (Compensation Plan) document and review the compensation video training modules 1, 2 and 3.

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The Detailed Compensation Plan

Today is the day you TAKE CHARGE of your future.

What do you want from your SoZo® business? Are you looking for a part-time income, a few hundred extra dollars a month? Maybe you want enough to replace a full-time job. Of course, you can always go even bigger and turn your SoZo® business into a six figure yearly or even monthly income. Whatever your vision is, you can get there with SoZo®.
We've made earning money with SoZo® simple, and you can start earning right away. With SoZo's® unique, exciting, consumable products, building a team is easy. Plus, with SoZo's® 11 ways to earn income, your earning potential is literally unlimited!
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SoZo® Business FAQs

Q: What does SoZo® mean?

A: SoZo® is a Greek Biblical term that means Health, Rejuvenation, Healing, and Salvation.

Q: What percentage of total company wide sales volume is allocated to paying Distributors, and what percentage is paid to Distributors per Binary Cycle?

A: 50% of total company Sales Volume (SV) is paid out to the field each week. The percentage paid through “Binary Cycles” is as follows:
You qualify to receive a 10% cycle pay when you enroll with a $199.00 "Beginner Enrollment Pack" and maintain 50 PV (Personal Volume) by being on Autoship or ordering every 28 days.
You qualify to receive a 24% cycle pay when you enroll with a $499.00 "Builder Enrollment Pack" for your first 60 days, and then your cycle pay will continue at 12% after the 60th day, so long as you maintain 100 PV (Personal Volume) by being on Autoship or ordering every 28 days.
You qualify to receive a 24% cycle pay when you enroll with a $999.00 "Professional Enrollment Pack" for your first 90 days, and then your cycle pay will continue at 12% after the 90th day, so long as you maintain 100 PV (Personal Volume) by being on Autoship or ordering every 28 days.
Once you achieve the rank of Diamond, your cycle payout will increase to 15%, so long as you maintain 200 PV (Personal Volume) by being on Autoship or ordering every 28 days as this is the Active requirement for the rank of Gold and above.

Q: Are there any Autoship requirements?

A: Yes, 50 PV is the minimum Autoship to be considered Active and Commission Qualified for 10%. Keep in mind that Autoship orders process every 28 days, so your Autoship will not be the same day every month. This level allows Sales Volume to accumulate, rollover, and hold up to 1,000,000 in the Stronger Binary Leg. As your business and earnings increase, your Autoship requirements increase as well. See Detailed Compensation Plan for full breakdown. Maximum Autoship (200 PV) is required to fully open all 11 income earning opportunities within SoZo's® incredibly lucrative Compensation Plan.

Q: Is it difficult to go through 200 volume worth of product each Autoship cycle?

A: Not at all. It's actually quite easy to go through 200 volume worth of product each Autoship cycle based upon not only your personal replacement spending needs, but also your business needs—for example: energy drink (2 flavors), SoZo® On The Go nutritional shots, and coffee samples. There are many combinations to choose from in order to reach 200 PV. But the easiest route to 200 PV is ordering two cases (8 bottles) of the SoZo® Nutritional Beverage. Distributors who enroll at the $199.00 Beginner Enrollment Pack level are automatically assigned a 50 PV Autoship bundle; the $499.00 Builder Enrollment Pack level is assigned a 100 PV Autoship bundle; and the $999.00 Professional Enrollment Pack is assigned a 200 PV Autoship bundle.

Q: If I have already joined with a particular enrollment pack, can I upgrade to another enrollment pack?

A: Currently this is not an option.

Q: Is the Leadership Check Match Bonus paid on all personally sponsored people, regardless of whether or not they are in the Strong Leg or the Pay Leg?

A: Yes. You will receive a Leadership Check Match (LCM) on all of your personally sponsored Distributors. See Detailed Compensation Plan for rank requirements to access bonuses.

Q: Why is SoZo’s® Binary structured as a 1/3 - 2/3?

A: The reason SoZo's® Binary Cycles are based upon a 1/3 - 2/3 structure (requiring only 300 Sales Volume on your Lesser Sales Volume/Pay Leg to trigger a cycle) is because it allows new Distributors to get paid quicker and recoup their initial investment in a short period of time. Since only 300 SV is required, just one $499.00 Builder Pack enrollment on your Pay Leg will trigger a cycle.

Q: Are there any mandatory seminars or events that Distributors must attend?

A: No, personal development is 100% optional.

Q: Why does SoZo® pay Binary Cycle commissions on the Lesser Sales Volume/Pay Leg rather than on all Sales Volume?

A: All Binary compensation plan structures are paid in this manner industry wide. The Binary is by far the easiest compensation plan within the Network Marketing Industry to become successful, as it only requires that you build two (2) teams/legs in order to be paid cycle bonuses. What's even more impressive about a Binary is that it allows what is called "spill/rollover" to occur from individuals who are above you in the Binary structure, so you can actually receive assistance from them in building your team as they place Distributors below you. In turn, you will do the same to help individuals you have recruited into SoZo®. This truly promotes a "team building" atmosphere.

Q: Is SoZo® a pyramid scheme?

A: Of course not. First and foremost, pyramid schemes are illegal and are designed to attract people into the company with no product benefit or added value for the enrollment fee. SoZo® is also an established member of the DSA (Direct Sales Association) and operates in full compliance with all United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requirements.

Q: Is SoZo® approved to conduct business in any other countries?

A: Other than the United States, SoZo® is approved to do business in Canada and Australia.

Q: What makes SoZo® different from most other Network Marketing companies as it relates to their ability to retain Distributors and keep them involved long-term?

A: SoZo's® key ingredient for retaining Distributors is simple: best-in-class products, best-in-class compensation plan, and best-in-class benefit packages. Once people feel the benefits of the quality products, and they are making a good income (typically around the rank of Gold), the company will pay for Distributors’ Health, Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Dental, and Vision Insurance. These business builders will be treated like high-level corporate America executives with great pay, a monthly car allowance, and home and lifestyle bonuses. By treating them to a first class life style and providing real benefits that are normally only found in a white-collar job, SoZo® is positioned to attain the highest retention rate in the entire industry. No other company goes to this extent to make their Distributors this satisfied.

The SoZo® Business Overview (English)

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